Yong Li 李泳

Yong Li 李泳

Nations Are Illusions 一切国土皆幻住

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Peace 和平

一切国土皆幻住,想倒、心倒、见倒、无明所现故(《大方广佛华严经 入法界品 第一品》)。




All nations are rooted in illusion, manifested by misguided thoughts, inverted hearts, misperceived sights, and ignorance. (from “The Avatamsaka Sutra, Entering the Dharma Realm, Chapter One”).

The Israel-Palestine conflict has resulted in countless civilian casualties. The millennia-old grievances of the Abrahamic faiths continue. When nations rise, people suffer. When nations fall, people suffer too. May all politicians around the world, amid their schemes, also cast their eyes upon the sorrows and tears of ordinary people. History and the world consist not just of strategies and grand chess games, but also countless families, couples, children, cats, and dogs experiencing joys and sorrows, dreams, and daily lives.

I have made small donations to both the Israeli Red Cross and the Palestinian Red Crescent, hoping to contribute even slightly to alleviating suffering. Even humanitarian relief organizations must present themselves under different names, revealing the thousand-year-old fissures and wounds behind them.

The answer to the question is often not in the question itself; the way out of war is not in war either. Land has no inherent nature, conflicts have no inherent nature, and hatred has no inherent nature. Arising from minor causes and conditions, greater inclusiveness and understanding are needed to contain them.